Since our founding several years ago, our fans have watched and supported the growth of Fightsaber MY; from our tiny and humble beginnings to seasoned performers with over a dozen active members, and as many inspiring performances. However, that growth has slowed. We do not “Wow” as much as we use to anymore, the lightsabers are now a gimmick and our performances a repetition, viewed by others as “cheap parlor tricks.” We are slowly but surely losing the trust of our supporters. We believe that a relationship goes both ways. You supported us and in return we must return the favor.
A mission was set up to find out what went wrong: The findings were startling and disappointing: Infighting, demotivated members, and poor discipline. Worse yet: we had lost sight of why we were doing this in the first place: To be the best stunt and fight team in Malaysia.
Fightsaber MY began as a branch of Fightsaber Singapore, meaning that we adopted their rules, their style, and their way of doing things. Unfortunately, what worked and continues to work for Singapore, does not work for Malaysia. We realized that to be the best, we have to break away from what Singapore does and start doing things our way.
Hence, we required a new identity and after much debate, we forged one: Force Arts Stunt Team or FAST. With a new identity, FAST is free from the rule of the old and our members are free to do things for ourselves and the team by setting our own goals and targets. We do things for FAST from now on. Not for an organization some 300 miles away.
If Fightsaber MY is what we were, FAST is what we are: “Force” hints at our origins, as a Star Wars based lightsaber group. “Arts,” is how we define what we are and what we will continue to do: We do not just swing glow sticks around anymore. We create art, where the lightsaber combat is carried out by characters our viewers can relate to, a plot and storyline that makes them want to know “What happens next?!” and combat choreography of such beauty and grace that makes everyone ask, “How did they DO that?!” The word “Stunt” implies that we are not just a grounded lightsaber group but a group with performances where the Stunts executed will convince you that we wield the Force itself as a weapon. Finally: “Team,” is because that is exactly what we are. There is no “I” in “Team” and everything we do is for the growth and benefit of the group and its members.
Legend has it that when an actor asked Mr. Lucas for acting directions, Mr. Lucas only has this to say, “Faster, and more intense”. Our new identity is the personification of those simple four words. And so, to the fans of Fightsaber MY, we say “Greetings. We are the Force Arts Stunt Team, and our performances will make you believe that we are truly, one with The Force.”

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